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Coronavirus can only spread so far and there will come a time when our new normal will return to the old normal.
We are all uncertain what our lives entail at the moment and this can easily change from day to day, as things develop and the advice we are following changes.

One thing us Brits are known for is keeping a stiff upper lip, and not more so than at this difficult time, determined to do our bit and see it through. There will come a time when we look back on this extraordinary time and reflect on how it affected our day to day living and how we had to adapt to life at home – working where possible, home schooling the children and tearing our hair out! – something to which many of us have never seen the like. Until then we will continue to do what is necessary.

This is only a temporary situation and at some point there will be light at the end of the tunnel, being able to return to our usual daily routines of work and school, and not forgetting the treatments that keep us looking radiant and youthful.
Our doors may not be open at the moment and just because you are out of sight, you are certainly not out of mind. Our thoughts at Dentelle are still with our patients and we will resume our services to you as soon as it is safe to do so.

Back in January at Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Clinic we introduced Sunekos to our range of treatments, with fantastic feedback from our patients – especially for dark circles under the eyes. This fantastic injectable treatment is great for restoring healthy properties to the skin, using its intelligent formula to work with the skin’s own structure to revitalise the facial features.

We would recommend that when we do return to normality you keep Sunekos treatments in mind, helping to wipe away the stresses that this situation has caused and also to give your features a well deserved treat and rejuvenation.

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