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skincare at home advice from Dentelle

We are all on an involuntary ‘staycation’ at the moment, being advised about when it is okay to leave the home, doing our bit to help see this crisis through.

Strict social distancing is what is needed to help the people of our nation (especially those who are most vulnerable and at risk) stay healthy, and help to ease the pressure for those who are doing a fantastic job on the frontline, caring for those who need medical attention most.

Staying safe and well is a hot topic; for ourselves, our families and the people around us. It is important to ensure we maintain good health, inside and out, looking after our bodies and our skin at this stressful time, especially when staying in with the heating on can further contribute to dull, dry skin.

Despite staying at home, we can still do a few things to help our skin stay lustrous and hydrated; maintain a balanced diet, keep ourselves well hydrated (the panic buyers haven’t drunk the taps dry) and get some gentle daily exercise all of which will compliment a great skincare regime.

Even though you are unable to come and visit us at Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions for the time being, our clinic may be able to help with regard to maintaining good skin health. We have some excellent products available to you that are designed to help care for your skin, as well as a range of supplements to help to strengthen your immunity – and as we can not predict how this virus will affect each individual, a little boost can’t do any harm.

Environ Skincare and AlumierMD are two product ranges that we have here at Dentelle to maintain good skin health and keep it in great condition, already delivering excellent results to our patients . These can be posted to you. AlumierMD have their own on-line portal you can access at any time .


so you can buy these products directly. Clare will be happy to answer any other questions or offer you any advice via email.


Turmeric and Green Magic supplements are also amazing pick me ups, available from the clinic to give a boost to your immune system, which may prove to be both essential and welcoming at this time.

The main message is to stay safe and well. The team at Dentelle are always happy to help, but at the moment sadly we are very limited in the how.

Clare Quinn

Clinical Director
Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions

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