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Spring has sprung and all around us we can see evidence of the environment coming to life.

The sun has started shining brighter, Spring flowers are starting to bloom and blossoms are appearing on the trees. During this time of year we can see our world looking fresher and more colourful as the dull and dreary look of cold and cloudy Winter’s days are blown away with the Spring’s refreshing breeze.

With the change of the season this 2021 we can also look forward to our nation emerging from the recent period of lockdown and we are optimistic about seeing our streets, schools, workplaces and public spaces coming back to life.

With our near future looking a bit more rosy and as we prepare to embrace a way of living that is close to ‘normal’, we can celebrate by revitalising the skin.

At Dentelle we stock a range of products by AlumierMD. This range of medical grade skincare has a variety of products that target many different common skin concerns, including: acne, rosacea, ageing skin, hyperpigmentation and dry / dehydrated skin. AlumierMD is a trusted brand that is recommended and used by many clinics. Their success in providing bespoke results for individual patients can be attributed to their innovative formulations and use of ingredients, customisable according to the concerns that are presented.

Alumier’s incredible creams and serums provide a fantastic way to keep your skin in tip-top condition when used regularly as part of an at-home skin care routine. When you can come back and visit us at Dentelle, these products will help to support the results achieved through any one of our skin rejuvenating treatments. In order to obtain this fantastic range you will need to attend a consultation (virtually, for now!) which includes a comprehensive skin analysis and your recommended product can be purchased via the website portal.

Our in-clinic treatments by Alumier include chemical peels and topical applications and are designed to suit various skin types. At Dentelle our chemical peels can restore a youthful and radiant look when the skin is resurfaced, removing dead skin cells and debris to encourage a polished new look from the growth of new cells. We know that we can’t perform these treatments for you at the moment, so until we can, why not try a ‘home peel kit’ to ensure maintaining an appearance that glows.

An individual consultation will determine which kit will benefit you most, before Dentelle sends it your way, and sends your dull, dry Winter skin packing.

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