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Let’s sweep you off your feet

Here at Dentelle we are excited to announce we are now offering Forbes Feet Pro Pedi.

The Forbes Feet range of naturally active foot care has been created under the expert guidance of Claire Forbes and is the culmination of over 15 years’ experience in podiatry. The range has been blended to treat common skin conditions of the foot and to help people rediscover the beauty and vitality in their feet.

It’s the ultimate medical pedicure, using the Forbes Feet 3 Step Foot Care products to enable you to achieve immediate results on hard and dead skin cells and improving the appearance of the skin and nail condition. The before and after photos just speak for themselves.

We have some fantastic Special Introductory Prices with a 60 minute Forbes FeetPro Pedi costing just £65

Why not get your feet ready for the summer and treat yourself to one of these wonderful medical pro pedi treatments.

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Did you know that there are two types of sunscreen – chemical and physical?

Chemical sunscreen works by absorbing and converting UV rays into energy on the skin, while physical sunscreen sits on top of the skin, a bit like a shield, and reflects all UV rays away. This is called broad spectrum. Protecting the skin from internal and external UV rays.

While chemical sunscreens generally only protect you from UV A rays, physical sunscreens protect you from all UV rays and is a more natural option, free from all chemical nasties. Not only are they kinder to skin, they are kinder to the environment too.

At Dentelle we stock a great range of physical, broad spectrum sunscreens so make sure you stock up and protect your skin from UV damage.

Clare’s Top Skin Tips

Ten Must Do’s For Great Skincare

  1. Wear sunscreen everyday
  2. Never use an apricot scrub on the face
  3. Always remove all make up before bed
  4. Remember makeup brush cleaning day and keep to it
  5. Listen to your therapist and follow their instructions
  6. Eat fruit and vegetables with anti-oxidants
  7. Show your skin some love in the morning and evening
  8. Don’t touch or pick at blemishes
  9. Drink plenty of water to keep skin hydrated
  10. Have a regular facial at Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions

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