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All ‘botox’ wrinkle smoothing treatments are carried out by Dr Clare Quinn, a General Dental Council (GDC)registered aesthetic dentist who has over 12 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. She now practices on a full-time basis at her Botox Solihull clinic in Dorridge, Solihull.

‘Botox’ treatment is most effective in treating the lines associated with the forehead, around the eyes and frown lines and can produce a flattering brow lift when carefully administered. The very best results are achieved when combined with protective skincare. ‘Botox’ treatment will relax a muscle and improve a wrinkle or two but at our Botox Solihull clinic, we are very happy to advise you about your long-term skin health so that further wrinkle development and skin ageing is slowed down. We are passionate about skincare and have a collective pool of expertise and treatments at the clinic which many individuals working alone cannot match.

Full skin analysis with our OBSERV SKIN SCANNER will be carried out free of charge and we can advise every client about their most appropriate home skincare and in-clinic treatments to guarantee healthy, plumped and glowing skin that goes far beyond treating a few individual lines.


How do ‘botox’ wrinkle smoothing treatments work?

As we age the skin is creased in areas of repeated facial expression.

The ageing process causes a loss in the skin’s ability to repair itself so that in the areas of over-use the lines become more visible. BOTOX or Azzalure is administered by injection at specific points on the face in extremely small amounts to relax the contraction of facial muscles.

By temporarily blocking the nerve impulses to the facial muscles it is injected into the movement of the muscle is reduced and the skin stops being creased, allowing it to recover and the lines gradually soften.

What should I expect at the Botox Solihull clinic?

Botox treatments are an art as well as a science. The treatment is not something that should be administered by any person who is not medically qualified as it is a prescription-only medicine, (POM) that needs to be prescribed for an individual patient following a full medical history consultation to determine if it is a suitable and safe option.

If Clare believes that this is NOT the best option then she will advise about the many other treatments available at the clinic which may be a lot more suitable to achieve the results you are wishing for.

As a dentist with many years in aesthetic practice, Clare will ensure that your treatment looks natural and is undertaken with the gentlest touch. Many of her patients are recommended by others who have said that they have never had such a pain free experience.

What does treatment involve?

Treatment takes around 10-15 minutes and involves several tiny injections with a very fine needle around the areas to be treated. The treatment is not painful, with only minimal and brief discomfort, like a very small sting. Following’ botox’ treatment you should avoid touching the area, strenuous exercise, lying down flat and alcohol for several hours.

An improvement will be noticeable in treated areas within two weeks, with results lasting up to four months. Clare always reviews the treatment after two weeks have passed and offers a free ‘top up’ if required, preferring to adopt a less is more approach to achieve the most natural results and avoiding a ‘frozen’ appearance.

Maintenance treatment is likely to be required every 3-4 months for a lasting result during the first two years of treatment with longer time intervals thereafter.

What Our Clients Say

“Dear Clare I would like to thank you for the wonderful results I have received from my wrinkle smoothing treatment. I would recommend your services to anyone seeking this procedure as your professionalism, friendly service and staff all made the whole experience a very relaxing one”


“After many years of jaw clenching causing my masseter muscles to become enlarged and very painful, I was referred by my orthodontist to Clare at Dentelle. At my consultation, I received Botox jaw reduction injections; the process was quick and painless, whereupon I noticed a visible and less painful difference within a few weeks. I would highly recommend Clare and her team”


“Clare is amazing! I’ve been going to Dentelle now for a good number of years and would never go anywhere else. Every treatment is explained and you’re treated so lovelily by every member of the team. I have recommended Clare to my friends and one even comes from Edinburgh for her treatments! Professional and caring”


Confidential Consultation 

Clare offers a full consultation prior to treatment to chat about your concerns, assess your needs and answer any questions you may have.

This attracts a £35 reservation fee payable in advance which is then redeemable against any treatments or products recommended.

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