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March 2021 is a month of celebrating the ladies – not only is it national women’s day, but it’s also the month in which we tip our hats to all the wonderful Mums out there this Mother’s Day.

No matter who the special lady is that you wish to celebrate, whether that’s your mother, sister, auntie, nan, girlfriend, best friend or even a pat on the back to yourself, we think we have just the thing to show that lovely lady how much you care.


We all know that aesthetic treatments are designed to enhance the appearance of the face, body and skin, reconstructing and strengthening the internal and external structures for an overall improved look. But all this can’t be done without the help of a few essentials which often involve the use of innovative techniques and technologies, alongside high quality products and brands.


At Dentelle we are no different. Our treatments and procedures are scientifically proven, well-known in the world of aesthetics and offer advanced outcomes for a naturally enhanced version of you. So why not delve into Dentelle’s ‘Pandora’s Box’ to see what we have to help you give the skin a refurbishment of its own.


Introducing Flexiskin Tools – our incredible range of skin care utensils to groom and polish any complexion. Available to purchase both on our website and as part of a kit, our repertoire includes;

  • The Microneedler – used to reduce fine lines, pigmentation and scars, this tool creates microchannels in the skin, for increased cellular turnover and collagen production, whilst also allowing for greater absorption of serums and creams.
  • The Roller – by improving lymphatic drainage techniques, the skin can look both fuller and brighter as toxins and excess fluids drain away.
  • The Sculptor – used to create firmer looking skin as facial muscles are lifted and toned. The principles of ancient Chinese Gua Sha is the innovation behind this revolutionary piece of kit, reducing puffiness and fluid retention, as well as improving the look of sagging skin.
  • The Cleanser – the silicon bristles work to reach deep into the pores for intense cleaning and removal of dirt and debris, to produce a complexion that is radiant and glowing.

Or, if you’re really looking to show that wonderful woman just how much she means to you,, why not consider the Revital-eyes Kit which contains;

Flexiskin roller, Alumier eye rescue pads and Alumier eye cream. In honour of Mother’s Day, we are offering a 15% discount on all products in this kit so you can really give that special someone a boost for just £95.

No matter who you’re looking to show your appreciation to this March, Dentelle Aesthetic Clinic may still have their doors closed, but our arms are well and truly open (virtually, of course!). Speak to one of our dedicated skin specialists about our Flexi Tools range and they will happily help you pick the perfect product to get you glowing!

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Alternatively vouchers for all our treatments can be purchased right here to give something to look forward to when we reopen .

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