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Esthechoc is a low-calorie dark chocolate food supplement with unique anti-ageing benefits.

It is described by its manufacturers, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies Ltd, as a world first in nutricosmetics and a breakthrough in skin nourishment and detoxification.

Esthechoc1wrEsthechoc, antioxidants and skin health

Esthechoc uses 72.6% dark chocolate and contains no added chemicals. Its key ingredients include:

cocoa epicatechins – the molecules (called flavonols) in dark chocolate that are believed to provide health benefits

astaxanthin – a naturally-occurring carotenoid and antioxidant that has a range of health benefits, as well as anti-ageing properties when taken as a food supplement.

These are considered to be the most powerful, naturally occurring antioxidants, both many times stronger than vitamin C and vitamin E.

The technology behind Esthechoc means that it optimises the body’s metabolism (or bioavailability) of these key ingredients – the daily dose is a healthy 7.5g of dark chocolate containing just 38 calories.

(According to the company’s research, to get the equivalent benefits available from Esthechoc you would need to eat a less-than-healthy 60 to 70g bar of ordinary dark chocolate per day, which is about 350 to 400 calories.)

How does Esthechoc combat ageing skin?

Esthechoc is the result of 10 years of intensive research and clinical studies.

This research found that chocolate containing naturally-occurring substances that are strongly beneficial to health – in this case algae astaxanthin and cocoa epicatechin polyphenols – had a significant, positive impact on the processes that result in ageing skin.

It did this by promoting:

better skin nourishment
microcirculation improvement
higher saturation with oxygen and
stronger protection against free radicals.

The results demonstrated improvements in skin biomarkers – the indicators of skin health – that can help with slowing down and reducing the negative effects of ageing skin.

These include:

stimulating collagen and elastin to help flatten wrinkles and increase the density, firmness and elasticity of skin
repairing and building up collagen destroyed by UV radiation
improving the skin’s healing processes
management of both dry skin and oily skin
preventing patchy loss of skin colouring (depigmentation).

Esthechoc2wrContact us at Dentelle to find out how Esthechoc can help nourish your skin and delay the signs of ageing

All for just one 7.5g bar of delicious dark chocolate per day!*

(*Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.)

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