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Lockdown has meant finding a different way of living as many of us have had to adapt to life at home; working, schooling and socialising virtually. The question on many people’s lips is ‘will all of this change the way we live for the longer-term as a remote world is more possible and in some cases more convenient than we had considered?’.

Like so many businesses around the country, many clinics have had to offer a remote service; changing their face-to-face consultations to online, quickly popping up an online shop and blogging more than ever before to ensure their clients know they are still in their hearts. Going into the world of aesthetics is a vocation whereby many practitioners are driven by their passion for helping people and the desire to help change lives for the better. This has been difficult to swallow as their doors have closed and they couldn’t continue to deliver their services in person.


However, as we delightedly and enthusiastically prepare to reopen we want to ensure until that special day (April 12th), we will make some treatments available for you to purchase and use at home.

Dermalux Flex is one treatment that we are putting in the spotlight this month. This non-invasive procedure uses a special machine to deliver therapeutic light energy at varying depths of the dermis, triggering the skin’s natural processes of repair and rejuvenation. Designed to treat a range of concerns on the face, Dermalux Flex visibly refreshes and refines the skin through LED phototherapy, restoring the complexion’s youthful glow. A combination of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light can be personalised to meet your needs, noticeably improving conditions such as: acne, psoriasis, facial redness, pigmentation and ageing skin.

LED light therapy is a popular rejuvenating treatment here at Dentelle, but we are pleased to say that this amazing treatment is now available for you to use in the comfort of your own  home. Following an online consultation we are able to allow you to rent the Dermalux Flex device from us on a 1 – 2 week basis, guided by the advice our specialists provide you with during your facial assessment.


So if you feel like you want to illuminate your appearance in time for the Spring and the lifting of lockdown contact the clinic and ask for a consultation.

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