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Dermal fillers…myths and truths

Myths and truths about dermal fillers…” Lip fillers will give me a trout pout.”

As an experienced facial aesthetician it is not unusual for me to hear “I don’t want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!” from many of my patients.

lips-images“The Curse of Leslie Ash” is that it has given dermal fillers a very bad name and many people have now been put off lip filler injections. Celebrities such as Jessica Simpson and Pete Burns have over treated their lips so that they look like caricatures and this has just added further to the negative views about this treatment.

If you attend an experienced practitioner who understands that “less is more” then subtle lip enhancement procedures are possible. Here is an example of a subtle treatment completed recently at my clinic.

Be the best version of yourself ….with subtle, corrective treatments.

Many first time clients are worried about having treatments such as dermal fillers and botox. They have seen too many overly plumped famous lips and cheeks and frozen celebrity foreheads in the media and naturally do not wish to look the same!

Facial fillers and botox are incredibly popular in Hollywood because they are a great way to shave years off your appearance without going under the knife….if performed in the correct manner by a highly trained medical practitioner. Fillers and botox performed to a high standard do not look fake at all, they should simply enhance one’s facial expressions, natural appearance and individuality. There are probably many more celebrities out there who regularly have treatments to subtly enhance and keep the years at bay which nobody knows about. Everybody just thinks they look great!

I have attended many advanced training courses to learn the most current techniques in non-surgical full facial rejuvenation. As we age facial fat loss, the loss of elasticity in our skin and gravity all act together to change the overall triangular face shape of youth to a more square face shape. By treating the facial contours as a whole and replacing lost volume in strategic points such as the lateral cheek bones, mid cheeks, naso-labial folds, corners of the mouth and jaw line an overall lift can be created, restoring the ‘triangle of beauty’.

It is quite amazing how a little product such as ‘Voluma’ placed in the correct area in the mid face can not only enhance the cheek area but create a noticeable instant lift at the mouth corners and jaw line. The downtime is minimal with the majority of clients commenting that husbands and friends make no observation other than ‘you look well’ or ‘have your had a facial?’ Of course there are side effects to take into account, the most likely one being temporary bruising, which can obviously occur with any needle placement. This may give your secret treatment away so you do have to bear this in mind and refrain from planning having dermal fillers a few days from an important social event, but the use of blunt ended cannulas also reduces this significantly.

I am a great supporter of the ‘less is more approach’ and consider it important not to attempt to have to much corrective treatment at once, but to undertake it gradually through a series of appointments. The changes will be subtle and you will simply look a better version of you.

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