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Coronavirus update

We understand that our patients may have concerns about Coronavirus. Although the chances of catching the virus are low, we have taken several steps to reduce the risk even further.

Our whole team take their responsibility to protect your health seriously. With this in mind, we have implemented the following measures;

Any staff who are feeling unwell in any way will be asked not to come to work.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning door handles and other shared surfaces with a virucidal cleanser several times a day.

All patients will be encouraged to wash their hands when they arrive in the clinic.

We will encourage all patients and staff to be on time. We aim to limit the waiting area to one person to minimise contact as much as possible.

Patients who feel unwell are advised not to attend their appointment, but to contact the NHS advisory service if they have any concerning symptoms.

Patients who require a repeat of their skincare products have the option to contact us by phone and we will arrange delivery.

We are monitoring government and local health authority websites regularly and we will advise you if we need to take any further steps.

Kind regards

Dr Clare Quinn

remember to wash your hands

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