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The signs of ageing affect us all at some point in our lives, albeit in varying degrees, and for some people this is unwelcome. It may be that after some time of studying your changing face in the mirror every morning, you decide this is not how you want to look – you want to look younger and feel that now is the time for ‘BOTOX’.

The decision to have this treatment for the first time can often be a little worrying, especially given the myths that have circulated about this procedure, so choosing the right clinic and the right practitioner is important. Here are 10 tips to consider:

  • Do some research – understanding the treatment, how it works and what’s involved can help to reassure yourself that you have made the right decision.
  • Seek a specialised clinic – a clinic that specialises in performing these types of cosmetic procedures will ensure you are going to get specialist service.
  • Ask around – word of mouth can be important, speak to anyone who has used the clinic (friends, family, colleagues or people online) for an honest opinion.
  • Check out the clinic’s reviews – you should find these on their website.
  • Consider only trained injectors – only trained and qualified practitioners should be performing this expert treatment, check the clinic’s website for information regarding training and qualifications – if in doubt, ask!
  • Protect yourself – ensure the clinic has appropriate insurance cover.
  • Book a pre-treatment consultation – most clinics will offer these free of charge, you can meet your practitioner, discuss any concerns and familiarise yourself with the clinic before going ahead with any procedure.
  • Research your practitioner – they should be registered with the GMC , GDC or NMC.
  • Look at the clinic’s aftercare procedures – a good clinic will offer a follow-up service, ensuring you have achieved the right result, they are always available for you even after the treatment.
  • Be aware of ‘Cowboy’ clinics – ensure the clinic is an established medical and cosmetic provider, check they are well-equipped, are accredited by independent companies like Save Face, and have a complications procedure in the unlikely event of any complications both during or following your treatment.

At Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions, in Solihull, our ‘BOTOX’ treatments are an art, as well as a science. We recognise that the Toxin is a Prescription Only Medicine (POM), and the dosage will be suited to each individual case. Clare is an expert professional injector, holding multiple certifications in muscle relaxing injectables – ‘BOTOX’ being one of them, only performing the treatment if she believes it will deliver a successful outcome. Dentelle prides itself on being Solihull’s leading ‘BOTOX’ provider, holding Save Face accreditations as well as other UK Industry Aesthetic Awards.

Here is what some of what our patients say:

“After suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms for the past 2 ½ years with hot flushes turning into the worst scalp sweats ever to the point where I looked as though I had been in the shower I was at my wits end.!
HRT was unsuitable for me so I had tried a number of natural and not so natural tablets but to no avail. I had read about hyperhidrosis on many websites including the NHS & as soon as I read about the benefits of Botox I thought this is my last hope. I discovered Dentelle aesthetic skin solutions on the internet & arranged an appointment with Dr Clare Quinn who fully explained about the treatment. I had never been so excited about receiving injections!
I am so pleased to say that although not instant, (people often think Botox is immediate), I am now completely sweat free from my scalp I can socialise without fear of sweat running from my hair down my face and affecting my make up.My hair is completely dry, I can eat a hot meal in a restaurant without fear that I am going to melt & more importantly I can go back on the dating scene with confidence. The hot flushes will of course continue whilst my body goes through the change of life but at least I can now hold my head up with confidence.
Thank you so very much I could never ever begin to explain how my life has been transformed.”

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