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Esthechoc is a low-calorie dark chocolate food supplement with unique anti-ageing benefits. It is described by its manufacturers, Cambridge Chocolate Technologies Ltd, as a world first in nutricosmetics and a breakthrough in skin nourishment and detoxification. Esthechoc, antioxidants and skin health Esthechoc uses 72.6% dark chocolate and contains no added chemicals. Its key ingredients include: cocoa epicatechins – the molecules (called flavonols) in dark chocolate that are believed to provide
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Dermal fillers…myths and truths

Myths and truths about dermal fillers…” Lip fillers will give me a trout pout.” As an experienced facial aesthetician it is not unusual for me to hear “I don’t want to end up looking like Leslie Ash!” from many of my patients. “The Curse of Leslie Ash” is that it has given dermal fillers a very bad name and many people have now been put off lip filler injections. Celebrities
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How long does Botox last?

This is a question very often asked by my clients. We would all like the effects of muscle relaxing treatment to last as long as possible, but there are a few factors that effect exactly how many months’ of a wrinkle free brow you can expect. The longevity will vary between person to person. We are all different! Typically the treated muscles will retain their relaxed state for around 3-4
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Sun protection is for everyday

The importance of every day sun protection Most of us are familiar with what SPF means-Sun Protection Factor-, but what is frequently misunderstood is the scope of an SPF and the possibilities that cosmeceutical ingredients can offer. They can help prevent dermal penetration of damaging UV light as well as support the skin to withstand and avoid changes which accompany photo ageing and photosensitivity. The primary aim of an SPF
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