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Ageing Gracefully

Dentelle Aesthetics is very happy to be included in this extensive and informative guide to all tweakments performed by safe and reputable medical professional 😊

Ageing gracefully… it’s such a lovely idea and something that gets a lot of praise. But do you know what goes on in the face when it ages? There is definitely nothing graceful about it.

The skull shrinks. The jaw line diminishes. The eye sockets expand. The fat pads in the face dwindle and shrink and collect around the jaw. What’s graceful about that? The skin sags and wrinkles… Nobody ages gracefully unless they have amazing bone structure and happen to look fabulous with grey hair.

Am I planning to age gracefully? Nope. I’m going to be fighting it every step of the way.

For more information about tweakments and to find one of the expert practitioners whom I would be happy to visit myself, visit https://thetweakmentsguide.com/ 👉

@dentelleaesthetics featured in this fantastic guide to tweakments 😊 https://thetweakmentsguide.com/?s=Dentelle👈🏻

Dr Clare Quin as featured in “The Tweakments Guide”

Dr Clare Quinn LDS RCS (Eng) has a wealth of experience in the aesthetics industry and a gentle, approachable demeanour that puts you at ease the moment you walk into her clinic, Dentelle. Clare’s ethical rigour is second to none – she goes the extra mile to make sure you understand your treatment options and will be completely honest with you if she thinks that the treatment you have requested isn’t the right one for you. With Clare, you can always be sure that she is acting in your best interests.

Backed up by a fantastic team who can help you develop and maintain a skincare regime that’s just right for you – allowing you to keep your skin healthy and looking fresh all year round – the clinic also offers a unique VIP membership scheme, giving clients discounts on skincare products and pamper treatments throughout the year.

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