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As we head into Spring, the crisp winter starts to diminish and warmer weather moves in. A change in the Season marks a time that symbolises new growth and new life, as we spring clean our homes and our lives, feeling enlightened from having had a good spruce up.

The same can be said for our winter skin, as the cold winter weather has taken its toll leaving it feeling dry and looking a little lack lustre crying out for some attention, hydration and rejuvenation from Hydrafacial – our very own fairy godmother.

A simple treatment plan, available at Dentelle Aesthetic Skin Solutions can quite literally brush away the cobwebs through enhanced exfoliation, and reveal an appearance that emanates a youthful lustre to the skin that is truly a gift from above. Hydrafacial works in stages and taking 6 steps to heavenly skin couldn’t be easier. A favourite with the stars, this ultimate pampering treatment for your skin leaves you glowing and radiant, having totally rejuvenated and detoxified the skin.

Using an infusion of compelling ingredients, Hydrafacial works deep into the layers of the skin, producing an immediate improvement in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily and acne prone skin, pigmentation and brown spots.

These 6 innovative stages in skin enhancement include:
1 – Lymphatic drainage – improving circulation of the blood
2 – Deep cleanse and exfoliation – removing dead skin cells
3 – Chemical Peel – enhancing the skin’s radiance
4 – Extraction – to remove impurities within the skin
5 – Hydration – flooding the skin with moisture and antioxidants including our ever favourite Hyaluronic Acid
6 – LED lights – killing bacteria and encouraging collagen production

Suitable for most people’s skin types and tones, this comfortable treatment takes as little as 1 hour to help shed your winter skin to leave you looking shiny and new this Spring, ready to step out this Season and tackle the rest of the year with a renewed confidence and naturally enhanced youthfulness

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